Ghilotti Construction: Highway 12 American Canyon

We are here in American Canyon California, widening the much travelled Hwy 12 between I-80 and Hwy 29, a major access road up to wine country.

We are widening an existing 2-lane road to a divided 4 lane hwy for over 2.5 miles.

There is over 330,000 cubic yards of excavation of the existing hills, as well as over 2 miles of soil nail and tie-back retaining walls in order to retain these hillsides. Along with the soil nail and tie-back walls, there are over 1600’ of cast-in-place spread footing retaining walls.

The soil nail and tie-back walls, which are up to 60’ tall, cover a total area of 265,000 sqft, include 9000 cubic yards of shotcrete, and over 11,000 soil nails totaling 240,000 lf.

There is also close to a mile of 36” and 8” waterline being installed, 20,000 lf of underground drainage, and 2 cast-in-place concrete box Culverts.

Estimated completion of the project is July 2014, with a total contract value of nearly $40 million.

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