Ghilotti Construction Company is now 100% Employee Owned.

Ghilotti Construction (GCC), one of the largest family-owned general engineering contractors in Northern California, is proud to announce that it is now 100% employee owned.

The Ghilotti shareholders transferred all shares to an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This new structure of employee ownership will ensure the company’s ability to maintain the Ghilotti legacy and preserve its strong family culture.

As CEO Richard Ghilotti and President Brian Ongaro looked to the future, they wanted to put in place an ownership structure that allows Ghilotti to continue to grow, serve their customers, support communities, and remain competitive far into the future.

“We are excited to transition ownership to our employees who are best positioned for the future success of Ghilotti Construction Company,” Richard Ghilotti said. The new employee-owned company will continue to live by Ghilotti’s core philosophy and words of founder James Ghilotti, “Do good work, be responsible, take care of the community and people who work for you.”

 No change in management structure will take place with the new employee-owned company.

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