Awarded/Active Projects

North Marin Aqueduct Relocation

Novato, CA

  • Client: North Marin Water District
  • Description of Work: Water Main Installation, Electrical Improvements, Earthwork, Trenching And Paving Along Hwy 101 In Novato
  • Contract Value: $12,275,517
  • GCC Job #5543

Saratoga Drive Subdivision

Napa, CA

  • Client: Edenbridge, Inc.
  • Description of Work: Earthwork and Site Preparation for new residential subdivision. Site Grading and paving, storm drain installation and minor concrete
  • Contract Value: $1,056,000 (Approx)
  • GCC Job #5541

Grant Avenue Sidewalk Improvements

San Lorenzo, CA

  • Client: County of Alameda
  • Description of Work:  Sidewalk and Drainage improvements including: roadway excavation, site grading, storm drain removal and replacement, asphalt concrete pavement overlay and construct new pedestrian sidewalk path
  • Contract Value: $1,838,097.00
  • GCC Job #5540

CT 04-245444 HWY 101 @ College Avenue

Santa Rosa, CA

  • Client: California Dept. of Transportation
  • Description of Work:  Work includes excavation, replacement and widening of street undercrossing, remove and replace PCC sidewalks, install signals and lighting
  • Contract Value: $1,988,326.00
  • GCC Job #5539

CT 04-1A2904 – HWY 12 in Sonoma County

Sebastopol, CA

  • Client: California Dept. of Transportation
  • Description of Work: Remove and replace existing Laguna De Santa Rosa bridge and widen bridge approaches
  • Contract Value: $7,418,001.00
  • GCC Job #5538

SMART CP4 OMF/ Pathway Project

 Various Locations in Sonoma County

  • Client: Shimmick Construction Co. Inc. for the Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit Authority
  • Description of Work: Site Earthwork, grading and paving, sanitary sewer, storm drain and water pipeline installation, minor concret
  • Contract Value: $7,826,401.21
  • GCC Job #5537

SERP – Phase 1

Rohnert Park, C A

  • Client: Willow Glen Homes
  • Description of Work: Earthwork and Site Preparation for new residential 107 lot subdivision. Site Grading and paving, underground utilities and minor concrete
  • Contract Value: $5,998,296.82
  • GCC Job #5536

Marin Catholic High School Grandstand & Field house

Kentfield, CA

  • Client: Midstate Construction Corp.
  • Description of Work: Sitework to include paving and drainage improvements, grandstand and lighting utilities
  • Contract Value: Donated
  • GCC Job #5535

Appian Tank Seismic Upgrades

Union City, CA

  • Client: Alameda County Water District
  • Description of Work: Demolition and removal of existing 750,000 gallon storage tank; fabrication and erection of replacement tank. Install 3300 LF of welded steel pipeline, storm drain and access road improvements, utility installation
  • Contract Value: $4,062,335.00
  • GCC Job #5534

B2DNP –Building 2 Demolition /Construct New Patient Parking Lot

Palo Alto, CA

  • Client: Kevcon, Inc. for the Dept. of Veteran Affairs
  • Description of Work: Construction of new North and South parking lots to include site backfill, grading and paving, storm drain install and electrical utility relocation
  • Contract Value: $1,046,167.00
  • GCC Job #5533

Fiori Estates Apartments

Rohnert Park, CA

  • Client: AGS The Spanos Corporation
  • Description of Work: Site work including grading, paving, underground and minor concrete work for a new 222 unit multi-family residential development
  • Contract Value: $4,825,00.00
  • GCC Job #5532

Eastside Trunk Sewer – Phase II

Rohnert Park, CA

  • Client: City of Rohnert Park
  • Description of Work: Install new trunk sewer and street reconstruction
  • Contract Value: $8,302,825
  • GCC Job #5527

San Clemente Elementary School

Corte Madera, CA

  • Client: Lathrop Construction for the Larkspur-Corte Madera School District
  • Description of Work: Site preparation that includes earthwork, trenching, backfill and grading, AC paving, and installation of new synthetic play turf
  • Contract Value: $1,339,944.00
  • GCC Job #5522

Gloria Drive Collection System Replacement

Santa Rosa, CA

  • Client: South Park County Sanitation District
  • Description of Work: Replace approx. 6,570 feet of existing 6” and 8” sewer main pipe and appurtenant sewer laterals, manholes and main line cleanouts with new 8” PVC sewer main and appurtenant 4” water main, install two new fire hydrants.
  •  Contract Value: $3,083,608.00
  • GCC Job #5521

Deer Creek Village Retail Center

Petaluma, CA

  • Client: RMC Constructors, Inc.
  • Description of Work: Both off-site and on-site: demolition, earthwork & grading, asphalt paving, sanitary sewer and storm drain system installation, arch culvert & headwall construction
  • Contract Value: $8,589,404
  • GCC Job #5520

I-580/Foothill Road Interchange

Pleasanton, CA

  • Client: City of Pleasanton
  • Description of Work:  Roadway excavation and embankment fill, AC (including base and overlay), concrete work, construction retaining walls (incl. furnishing and driving piles), Storm Drain Pipe and Catch basin, Installing metal beam guard railing, modify signs, installing of new signs, pavement striping and marking, erosion control, tree protection and removal, landscaping and  irrigation, installing signals and street lights, stage construction and traffic control
  • Contract Value: $5,310,415.00
  • GCC Job #5518

Goldhill Village

Fairfield, CA

  • Client: Albert D. Seeno Const. Co.
  • Description of Work: Excavation, grading and remedial repair, street improvements and paving
  • Contract Value: $939,452.00
  • GCC Job #5517

Monte Gardens/ San Vicente Sanitary Sewer Rehab

Concord, CA

  • Client: City of Concord, Department of Community & Economic Development
  • Description of Work: Demolish old bridge and construct new bridges and realign on and off ramps to the new bridges.
  • Contract Value: $932,515.00
  • GCC Job #5515

Southtown Commons

Vacaville, CA

  • Client: Vanden Ranch, LLC.
  • Description of Work:Demolition,  site preparation, grading and paving;  Install sanitary sewer and  storm drain water systems ; minor concrete, site remediation
  • Contract Value: $7,287,181.19
  • GCC Job #5514

Stoneridge Drive & Vineyard Avenue Overlay

Pleasanton, CA

  • Client: City of Pleasanton
  • Description of Work: Resurfacing approx. 528,000 S.F. of Stoneridge Drive and 145,000 S.F. of Vineyard Ave. by placing a new layer of asphalt concrete over the existing pavement The work also includes base repair, pavement cold plane (milling), adjust appurtenances to grade, and installation of traffic detector loops, pavement markers, legends, and striping.
  • Contract Value: $1,007,765.00
  • GCC Job #5512

Schnitzer Steel Pipeline Relocation

Oakland, CA

  • Client: East Bay Municipal Utilities District
  • Description of Work: Installation of approx. 270 ft of 12” mortar lined and coated steel pipe
  • Contract Value: $460,000.00
  • GCC Job #5511

CAL Maritime PE Building Replacement

Vallejo, CA

  • Client: Gilbane Building Company
  • Description of Work: Onsite clearing and demolition, Excavation, ground remediation and Grading
  • Contract Value: $1,725,310.00
  • GCC Job #5500

#04-0A1854 HWY 101 @ Old Redwood HWY Overcrossing

Petaluma, CA

  • Client: California Dept of Transportation
  • Description of Work: Remove and replace existing bridge structure overcrossing on State Hwy 101 in Sonoma County Reconstruct hwy on and off ramps, relocate existing utilities, install storm drain system and sound wall
  • Contract Value: $19,629,978.00
  • GCC Job #5493


#04-3A23U4 – HWY 101

Near Windsor, CA

  • Client: Caltrans
  • Description of Work: Construct new interchange at airport and new on and off ramps in both north and south direction. Bridge subcontractor: MCM. GCC doing grading, rock, paving and underground.
  • Contract Value: $28,704,936.00
  • GCC Job #5488

#04-283824 – HWY 116

  • Client: Caltrans
  • Description of Work: Construction on State Hwy 116 in Sonoma County near the town of Schellville at various locations from Adobe road to 0.4 mile west of Arnold drive. Creek realignment and restoration, vegetation restoration and re-establishment , install new landscape irrigation system.
  • Contract Value: $1,907,763.00
  • GCC Job #5485

Spring Lake Village

Santa Rosa, CA

  • Client: Cahill Contractors, Inc.
  • Description of Work: Site work including grading, paving, underground and concrete
  • Contract Value: $5,526,183
  • GCC Job #5484

#04-2908C4- Highway 580

Livermore, CA

  • Client: CalTrans
  • Description of Work: Shoulder widening including walls. Median widening. Lean concrete base, rock and 200,000 tons of paving. Structure subcontractor: MCM.
  • Contract Value: $53,101,566.00
  • GCC Job #5481

#04-264074 Highway 101

Novato, CA

  • Client: CalTrans
  • Description of Work: This is a Caltrans project on HWY 101 in Novato. This corridor is very congested with traffic, and currently GCC is constructing 4 miles of frontage roads in order for the future highway widening to take place. GCC is also widening an existing bridge, constructing new on and off ramps for both north and southbound directions.
  • Contract Value: $22,924,294.75
  • GCC Job #5479

Riverview Apartments

San Jose, CA

  • Client: Reno/Coyle, California Gen. Partnership
  • Description of Work: Demolition, site preparation, grading and paving
  • Contract Value: $256,130.00
  • GCC Job #5470

Sea Ranch Water Improvements

Sea Ranch, CA

  • Client: Sea Ranch Water Company
  • Description of Work: New water transmission pipeline including pump stations, street reconstruction and site work for new water storage tank
  • Contract Value: $4,157,660
  • GCC Job #5457

Highway 12 Jameson Canyon Road

Napa/Solano County, CA

  • Client: CA Department of Transportation
  • Description of Work: Site development for new road alignment, including earthwork, finegrade rock and pave, water, and storm drains.
  • Contract Value: $35,635,745.00
  • GCC Job #5432

Sutter Medical Center

Santa Rosa, CA

  • Client: Unger Construction
  • Project Website
  • Live Project Webcam
  • Description of Work: Site development for a new hospital, including earthwork, finegrade rock and pave, sewer, water, and storm drains.
  • Contract Value: $11,006,516.00
  • GCC Job #5359