La Champagne, The boat that James Ghilotti traveled on from Como Italy to the United States in 1903.

Family owned and operated since 1914, Ghilotti Construction Company has 98+ years of engineering experience and a family tradition of hard work and dependability. The story of Ghilotti Construction Company is the story of the American Dream. A stone mason by trade, our founding grandfather, James Ghilotti, left his native Italy to come seeking his fortune in California. Transporting stones all over the north bay by horse and cart, his back-breaking hard work and business philosophy paid off as his company grew from small paving jobs to building bridges and highways.

Original handwritten ‘List or Manifest of Alien Passengers for the Commissioner of Immigration’. James is #8 on the list!

James Ghilotti’s Passenger Record from La Champagne on his way to the United States from Lake Como, Italy in 1903. ‘Giacomo’ is the Italian version of  the name ‘James’.

After James realized there were was a fortune to be made in the United States, he went back to Italy, met his wife Amalia, and then returned to the states with her on ‘La Provence’ to start the business.

James Ghilotti, his wife Amalia, and his four sons, Willie, Dino, Mario and Henry

By 1939, four sons were working by their father’s side in a true family business. No job was too big or too small for the growing company, and that continues to hold true today. Now in its third generation, GCC continues to seek challenges while expanding its technological edge.

James and Dino Ghilotti

Among GCCs’satisfied customers, we are fortunate to have shared in the growth and success of many of Northern California’s finest businesses. GCC works to maintain a strong focus on client satisfaction and service, the constant pursuit of new technologies and providing a work place full of opportunity for our employees.

The Original Crew

At Ghilotti Construction Company, we are proud of ourheritage and our accomplishments. We proudly stand behind the philosophy of our founder and grandfather, James Ghilotti, who instilled the importance of a strong work ethic and said, “Do good work. Be responsible. Take care of the community and the people who work for you.”

Serving the community since 1914

Whether in Marin County, Sonoma County, and Napa County or beyond, Ghilotti Construction Company stands behind its reputation and strong family values.

Italian for ‘Determination’ and ‘Perseverance’