Old Redwood Hwy Overcrossing and Highway 101

We are here in Petaluma, California, at the Old Redwood Hwy Overcrossing and Highway 101, where Ghilotti Construction is replacing the existing two lane over crossing built in 1958, with a four lane overcrossing that will include both pedestrian walkways and bike paths. The new structure will be higher and wider, allowing safer passage of vehicles and oversized loads on Hwy 101. To replace the bridge, we first built the southern section of the new overcrossing and switched traffic to the new portion of the bridge. We will completely demolish the old structure so that we can construct the North section of the new over crossing. Also included in this project will be the re-constructing of all the existing Northbound and Southbound on and off ramps, which were constructed with the overcrossing in 1958.The new re-construction will make it easier for merging vehicles to enter and exit the highway.
To achieve all of this we will be:

• Excavating 42,000 cubic yards of onsite material
• Placing 109,000 cubic yards of Imported Borrow
• Hauling and Placing 22,000 cy of Aggregate Sub base and 12,900 cy aggregate base
• Installing 3070 cy of lean concrete base
• Laying down of 32,000 tons Asphalt Paving
• Constructing 18,600 sf Mechanically stabilized Earth Retaining Walls at seven different walls
• Driving of 164 Concrete Piles for the new overcrossing
• Forming and pouring of 3,430 cy of Structural Concrete
• Erection of 20 each of 120′ to 130 ‘ Wide Flanged Pre-stressed concrete girders
• Dig, lay and backfill of 4000 lf of storm drain

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