North Marin Aqueduct Relocation Project

We are working between Novato and Petaluma adjacent to highway 101 on the North Marin
Water District Aqueduct Relocation Project.

The purpose of this project is to install a new, large diameter main water line with increased capacity in a location where it is “out of way” of the upcoming Highway 101 expansion project. This water line will supply more water for North Marin.

In a nutshell, the project consists of the
• Installation of approximately 15,500 Linear Feet of 36” and 42” Welded Steel Pipe at depths ranging from 6’ to 28’ deep.
• The project also includes the installation of 3 separate, 60” diameter jack and bores with a total combined length of approximately 1000LF.
• In addition, the project includes the installation of 5 directional drills to provide smaller diameter service lines from east side of the highway to the west side of the highway through trenchless construction methods.

The expected date of completion is July 2015

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