Keeping Excellence in the Family for Nearly 100 Years!

Ghilotti Construction company nears its 100th Anniversary!

In today’s business culture, in which continuity seems almost nonexistent, Ghilotti Construction Company’s nearly century-long family tradition occupies a unique and treasured place.

GCC traces its history back to 1914, when Italian immigrant James Ghilotti founded his stone masonry company from the back of a horse-drawn cart. James’s son Dino Ghilotti carried on both the family name and reputation for excellence.

Fast-forward 97 years from the beginning, and GCC has grown into one of the largest construction firms in northern California, generating annual revenues in excess of $130 million. But it’s still a family-run operation, with third-generation President Richard (Dick) Ghilotti at the helm, and the fourth generation represented in GCC leadership by Dick Ghilotti’s nephew, Senior Vice President of Ope­rations Brian Ongaro, and son, Facilities Manager William Ghilotti.  The youngest grandson, Dino Ghilotti, is currently attending theUniversity of Miami, and will join the company upon graduation. Completing the senior leadership team are General Manager Ali  Yazdi and CFO Stacy Magill.

Headquartered in Santa Rosa since 1992, GCC has expanded its operations across the region, with offices inSan Rafael, AmericanCanyon and Livermore. Recently, GCC acquired North Bay Construction, and this melding of two successful companies has enabled GCC to thrive in an ever-changing economy. With greater resources and flexibility than ever, GCC continues to grow its traditional base in commercial and residential operations while emerging as an industry leader in the public works and heavy construction sectors.

GCC prides itself on pioneering environmental consciousness in every aspect of its operations. The company’s new headquarters building stands as a model of 21st-century green technology, inside and out. Additionally, GCC led the industry in converting its fleet to sustainable biodiesel fuels. In keeping with its long-standing family and community focus, GCC also supports numerous charities and nonprofit organizations benefiting local families and children.

With its signature red vehicles and yellow/red equipment, GCC is a familiar sight at major construction sites throughout northern California.  Recent and current noteworthy projects include:

  • Marin County: Cal Park Tunnel, and the U.S. Highway 101 and Bellam undercrossing in San Rafael for CalTrans, and Big Rock Ranch for Lucas Films
  • Contra Costa County: El Charro Infrastructure for the City of Livermore, six miles of HOV lanes on U.S. Highway 580, U.S. Highway 580 and Isabel Avenue Interchange, and Paragon Outlets
  • NapaCounty: Napa State Hospital and Devlin Road Extension
  • Sonoma County: Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, freeway expansion along U.S. Highway 101 from Rohnert Park to Petaluma and Sutter Medical Center in Sonoma County
  • Solano County: Interstate 80 and N. Texas Street Interchange, Nut Tree, and North Villlage development for Discovery Builders.

GCC at its core remains a close-knit family today’s Ghilotti leadership never loses sight of the values set forth by their forefather and founder, James Ghilotti:

“Do good work. Be responsible. Take care of the community and the people who work for you.”

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