Highway 580 Livermore

Ghilotti Construction is working in Livermore, CA on our largest project in GCC history.

We are in Livermore, California widening 6-miles of Hwy 580 in the west bound direction.

This is largest project in the history of Ghilotti Construction, with a base contract of 53 million.

GCC will be building 20 retaining walls with an average height of 20 feet. Widening 3 bridges and 1 box culvert within the 6 mile stretch. We will be retrofitting the electrical system for the weigh station. Ghilotti will also construct an HOV/Express Lane for the Alameda County Transportation Commission.

Some interesting project statics include:

  • Moving and balancing over 100 thousand CY of dirt.
  • Placing over 200 thousand tons of asphalt over 2 million square feet of highway.
  • Using 1.1 Million pounds of reinforced steel.
  • Placing 8 Thousand cubic yards of Structural Concrete.
  • There is 33 Thousand linear feet of concrete barriers on both side.
  • We will build 15 overhead sign structures. Install 80 storm drain systems.
  • We will have over 120 miles of temporary and permanent striping.
  • For the first time ever, CalTrans approved using a combination of lime and cement for stabilizing the highway subgrade.

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