Airport Boulevard

Project manager Brad Barnes gives you the inside scoop on our project at Airport Boulevard in Windsor, California.

We are here in Windsor, California at Airport Boulevard, where GCC is construction a new overcrossing with all new on and off ramps. GCC is constructing 2 new bridges, and widening one bridge. We are also building a 1000ft retaining wall,and 4 sound walls.

Some key items of work are:

5,000 lf of storm drain
90,000 square feet of sound walls
2,000 lf of 21″ sewer
260,000 cy of roadway exc/import borrow
243,000 cy of lean concrete base
80,000 tn of baserock
30,000 tn of AC
6,100 cy of structural concrete
80,000 tons of baserock
3,000 cy mitigation channel

Ghilotti’s projected date of completion is July 2014.

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